Self-Motivation Comes From Setting Personal Goals

It seems that there’s no shortage of motivational messages these days. Friends share Facebook memes and viral videos that remind us to keep positive and shoot for the stars. Although these are great, the truth is that motivated people also rely on more substantive actions in order stay driven.   Healthcare professionals and nurses who… Read more »

Take the Leap and Become a Healthcare Leader

There are many talented healthcare professionals and nurses who possess valuable leadership qualities. However, they are often unaware of their attributes. Sometimes the difference between a manager and their team members is very small and mostly rooted in self-confidence or lack thereof.   Here are 5 Great Signs that you may be ready to take… Read more »

Why Healthcare Organizations Should Take Proactive Measures to Manage the Opioid Crisis

It’s all over the news today and is top-of-mind for many politicians and healthcare leaders. The opioid epidemic has wreaked havoc on communities across the United States. Tragically, millions of lives are affected. For those of us fortunate enough to have remained immune from the consequences, it’s easy to ignore the crisis.   However, responsible… Read more »

3 Ways Nurses and Healthcare Professionals can adapt in an Evolving Industry

Old sayings regarding change and adaptation may be a bit cliché, but they’re often true. The fact is that one’s ability to evolve is essential to survival. When it comes to the healthcare industry, change is happening very rapidly. Those who embrace the new ways will thrive and benefit from progress. However, nurses, doctors and… Read more »

Why Healthcare Companies Must Make Cybersecurity a Top Priority in 2019

Today’s healthcare providers universally recognize the importance of preventative care. Many hospital systems, managed care organizations and insurance payers spend millions of dollars on patient education. Just as people must proactively work to ensure good health through annual check-ups, and proper diet and exercise, so too must companies take responsibility for their own cybersecurity.  … Read more »

The Top 3 Reasons Exercise Actually Boosts Energy Levels

In a world filled with busy schedules, family obligations and stressful jobs, many healthcare workers find that their bodies are “running on empty.” It’s hard to have energy at the end of the day given all of life’s obligations. People often plan to hit the gym in the evening after work but simply feel too… Read more »

Why Self-Education is Critical for Nurses and Healthcare Professionals in 2019

Great news… It’s 2019, and the job market is hot! Staffing agencies hire nurses and healthcare professionals daily. But with all the opportunity, there’s one catch for those seeking a new career or looking to grow their current one. Although there’s lots of work to be had, the job demands are changing. And, that’s true… Read more »

Why Quality Data and Analytics Benefit Both Providers and Payers

Healthcare thought-leaders and industry soothsayers have predicted the rise of informatics for nearly a decade. Although their prophecies proved slow in coming to fruition, 2019 may be the year of vindication. Quality health data and analytics are now widely available courtesy of cost-effective technology. Many nursing and healthcare companies may find value in appropriate tech… Read more »

Everyone Can Learn from Asia’s Healthcare Innovations

Effective delivery of healthcare resources is incredibly important across the globe. In the United States, for example, changes in Medicare reimbursement have forced health systems to focus more and more on patient “outcomes.” American hospitals and medical groups are therefore very motivated to implement new technology that aids in improving patient health while also reducing… Read more »

3 Easy Ways to Improve Your Marketability as a Healthcare Professional

Certain images are conjured up in our minds when we hear the word, “brand.” For some people, it may be a memory of last year’s hilarious Super Bowl commercial. Others think of a common household product used for washing dishes or clothes. But, did you know that medical professionals can have their own personal brand… Read more »