Times Change. Don’t Judge Potential Healthcare Employees Over Tattoos!

First, there was a time when tattoos were typically worn by sailors and bikers. Then, professionals began getting “inked” but were careful to keep their art in areas covered by work clothes. Now, visible tattoos are common among all professionals, from doctors to nurses and everyone in between. Things have certainly changed! With that in… Read more »

Looking to Boost Your Healthcare or Nursing Career? Learn Spanish for that Extra Edge!

Americans live in a multi-cultural world. Some regions are more diverse than others, but much of the country consists of people who speak a variety of languages. While knowing any second language can be beneficial, healthcare professionals and nurses may find that learning Spanish is most helpful. Anyone looking to improve their career trajectory in… Read more »

3 Ways A.I. is Changing the Healthcare and Nursing Industries in 2019

Many of us are old enough to remember when the concept of “Artificial Intelligence” (A.I.) seemed like a distant fantasy. Movies predicted dystopian futures with renegade robots and abusive governments that use A.I. technology to malevolent ends. Fortunately, the future is here, and the reality of A.I. is quite the opposite! Healthcare A.I. is now… Read more »

Are You Ready for A.I.’s Impact on Healthcare?

“Artificial Intelligence” (A.I.) seemed like science fiction just a few years ago. But, it’s now very much a part of our lives. People interact with various forms of A.I. on a daily basis, ranging from “personal assistants” like Siri and Alexa to website chatbots that serve as customer service representatives.   Many healthcare leaders now… Read more »

“Total Consumer Health” Is a Dominant Healthcare Conversation in 2019

The healthcare industry continues to evolve, with the ongoing march toward “value-based” care. And, in 2019, it seems the hot topic is “Total Consumer Health.” It’s not an entirely new concept, but the philosophy is now gaining momentum across all aspects of care delivery.   What is total consumer health, and why does it matter… Read more »

Self-Motivation Comes From Setting Personal Goals

It seems that there’s no shortage of motivational messages these days. Friends share Facebook memes and viral videos that remind us to keep positive and shoot for the stars. Although these are great, the truth is that motivated people also rely on more substantive actions in order stay driven.   Healthcare professionals and nurses who… Read more »

Take the Leap and Become a Healthcare Leader

There are many talented healthcare professionals and nurses who possess valuable leadership qualities. However, they are often unaware of their attributes. Sometimes the difference between a manager and their team members is very small and mostly rooted in self-confidence or lack thereof.   Here are 5 Great Signs that you may be ready to take… Read more »

Why Enjoyable Hobbies Can Re-Energize Your Life

Remember when you were a kid, and you looked forward to the Friday “School Assembly”? Or, perhaps you played sports and anxiously-awaited afternoon practice while sitting through math class. Did you know that adults can also develop healthy hobbies that bring a similar level of excitement to the day?   As we get older and… Read more »

Why Healthcare Organizations Should Take Proactive Measures to Manage the Opioid Crisis

It’s all over the news today and is top-of-mind for many politicians and healthcare leaders. The opioid epidemic has wreaked havoc on communities across the United States. Tragically, millions of lives are affected. For those of us fortunate enough to have remained immune from the consequences, it’s easy to ignore the crisis.   However, responsible… Read more »

3 Ways Nurses and Healthcare Professionals can adapt in an Evolving Industry

Old sayings regarding change and adaptation may be a bit cliché, but they’re often true. The fact is that one’s ability to evolve is essential to survival. When it comes to the healthcare industry, change is happening very rapidly. Those who embrace the new ways will thrive and benefit from progress. However, nurses, doctors and… Read more »