5 Fun Healthcare Podcasts for Nurses and Medical Professionals

Isn’t technology great? We live in a time when we can now stream our favorite music for free while driving to work. If you’re old enough, you may remember the days of sitting next to the boom-box and waiting for your favorite song to play. My how things have changed! With endless forms of entertainment,… Read more »

Important Signs that an Employee May be Experiencing Emotional Turmoil

Let’s face it—most of us spend the majority of our days at work. Whether we realize it or not, our employees and colleagues in healthcare eventually become a form of family. And, sometimes the people we care about face personal issues that negatively affect their work. Poor employee performance often stems from unacknowledged emotional turmoil.… Read more »

Here’s why Healthcare Professionals Should Accept LinkedIn Requests

We all know of someone who abuses social media. Perhaps it’s the brother-in-law who relentlessly solicits business from relatives on Facebook. Or maybe you have a best friend who shares way too many cat memes. Whatever the scenario, it’s clear that some people lack social media etiquette. However, when it comes to your nursing or… Read more »

Why Digital Health Tools are growing in Popularity

Times are certainly changing. From email to text messaging and social media platforms, our forms of communication evolve daily. These technologies are also affecting the world of healthcare. And while many medical professionals appreciate the benefits of new advancements, it’s important for all healthcare companies to fully understand the implications. Here are 3 big reasons… Read more »

Reducing Caffeine Intake May actually be the Secret to More Energy—Here’s Why

Coffee is one of the most popular beverages in America. Starbucks can be found on nearly every street corner and in many supermarkets. And, while a good cup of coffee is delicious and provides a quick “boost,” too much caffeine can actually drain healthcare professionals of their energy. If you’re feeling a bit sluggish throughout… Read more »

5 Reasons Hydration at Work is Especially Important for Nurses and Healthcare Professionals

Most people know that good hydration contributes to healthfulness. This is particularly true for nurses and healthcare workers who have studied human physiology. However, many still fail to stay properly hydrated, and the fast-paced environment of working in a medical facility can make the problem worse. Here are 5 important reminders of why staying hydrated… Read more »

Why “Telemedicine” is the Future of Healthcare

There was a time when the healthcare industry was notoriously slow in adopting new technologies. From EHR (Electronic Health Records) to HIPAA-compliant messaging platforms, it seemed many nurses and medical professionals were reluctant to change. However, those days are over, and now “telemedicine” is very much a part of today’s care delivery model. Consider the… Read more »

Free Career Advice on these YouTube Channels

One of the best features of the Internet is its endless supply of free information. And, when it comes to career advice, YouTube has emerged as one of the best resources. While some so-called “YouTubers” are less than credible, others are highly reputable and worth viewing. If you’re a nurse or healthcare worker looking for… Read more »

Times Change. Don’t Judge Potential Healthcare Employees Over Tattoos!

First, there was a time when tattoos were typically worn by sailors and bikers. Then, professionals began getting “inked” but were careful to keep their art in areas covered by work clothes. Now, visible tattoos are common among all professionals, from doctors to nurses and everyone in between. Things have certainly changed! With that in… Read more »

Looking to Boost Your Healthcare or Nursing Career? Learn Spanish for that Extra Edge!

Americans live in a multi-cultural world. Some regions are more diverse than others, but much of the country consists of people who speak a variety of languages. While knowing any second language can be beneficial, healthcare professionals and nurses may find that learning Spanish is most helpful. Anyone looking to improve their career trajectory in… Read more »