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What RNs Should Know about the Enhanced Nurse Licensure Compact

For nurses, it’s common to maintain current licensure in many states at once. Though this step allows for rapid, smooth transitions from one contract to another, the paperwork is a nightmare. Since each state has different renewal dates, license periods, and continuing education requirements, keeping track of multiple licenses is like a full-time job of… Read more »

The Case for More Frequent Employee Reviews

Every business conducts performance reviews with their employees, but few are getting the most out of the process. Though employees (and even some managers) tend to dread them, the solution is not to perform fewer reviews. Far from it! If you are struggling to perform effective performance evaluations, you should consider doing them more often.… Read more »

Nutrition Tips for Healthcare Workers

Are you worried that healthcare work might not be good for your health? Sadly, nurses and other healthcare professionals often struggle to maintain healthy eating habits. Since better nutrition means better health, your choices at meal and snack times can lead to a better you. Here’s how to get started. Plan Ahead Long hours and… Read more »

Does Healthcare Work Have You Stretched Too Thin? These Tips Will Help

No matter what role you have on a healthcare team, odds are you’ve felt ready to snap from time to time. It’s no secret that healthcare work is incredibly stressful. In fact, surveys report that healthcare professionals are under more stress than any other industry. If you feel like you’re stretched too thin by your… Read more »

Allied Health Professions That Are in Demand (and Have Great Pay!)

Are you considering a change in your career path? If so, there is one industry that shows consistent growth and excellent pay across the board: healthcare. Yes, allied health fields are incredibly promising and provide many paths to expand your career. Here are some of the most in-demand (and best paying) allied health professions. Surgical… Read more »

The Pharmacy Technician’s Role in Medication Therapy Management

Over 70 percent of adults in America take a prescription medication every day. With so many people’s health depending on their prescriptions, it’s no wonder that medication therapy management (MTM) is so critical. Broadly speaking, MTM refers to any healthcare services provided through a pharmacist, including adjusting dosages, scheduling medications, and monitoring side effects. One… Read more »

The Real Ways Blockchain Will Make an Impact in Healthcare

There has never been a perfect way of storing and sharing a patient’s medical information. As an example, the following is a scenario that all long-time healthcare professionals have seen. You’re waiting for a patient’s chart to be sent from another facility, which must print and fax the pertinent pages to you. Once you receive… Read more »

How to Stay Focused When Interviewing for a Healthcare Job

Face-to-face interviews are still the best way for hiring managers to get to know their job candidates. Since you only get one chance to make a great first impression, this isn’t something you want to take lightly. No matter how qualified and skilled you may be, you still need to convince your employer you’re the… Read more »

Your Facility’s Online Reputation Matters More Than You Think

In healthcare, as in business, success depends on your reputation. With little standing between you and a failed reputation than a few bad reviews, it’s more important than ever that hospitals and other medical facilities make their online reputation a priority. Since word of mouth travels faster than ever, here’s what you need to do… Read more »

Gaps in Your Resume – How to Answer the Dreaded Interview Questions

Hiring managers don’t like unanswered questions. When they look at your resume, they expect to get an accurate view of your skills and work history. Of course, when there are some employment gaps on your resume, you can expect them to get curious. What were you doing at this time? Do you not take your… Read more »