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Why Enjoyable Hobbies Can Re-Energize Your Life

Remember when you were a kid, and you looked forward to the Friday “School Assembly”? Or, perhaps you played sports and anxiously-awaited afternoon practice while sitting through math class. Did you know that adults can also develop healthy hobbies that bring a similar level of excitement to the day?   As we get older and… Read more »

Staffing Systems and the new Joint Commission’s SAFER Matrix

The Joint Commission began using the “SAFER Matrix” to better communicate to health care organizations their survey results. The Survey Analysis for Evaluating Risk or “SAFER” is designed to convey the level of potential harm to patients, visitors or staff graded from low to high with the findings of the concern, graded from limited, patterned… Read more »

Why Healthcare Companies Must Make Cybersecurity a Top Priority in 2019

Today’s healthcare providers universally recognize the importance of preventative care. Many hospital systems, managed care organizations and insurance payers spend millions of dollars on patient education. Just as people must proactively work to ensure good health through annual check-ups, and proper diet and exercise, so too must companies take responsibility for their own cybersecurity.  … Read more »

Why Quality Data and Analytics Benefit Both Providers and Payers

Healthcare thought-leaders and industry soothsayers have predicted the rise of informatics for nearly a decade. Although their prophecies proved slow in coming to fruition, 2019 may be the year of vindication. Quality health data and analytics are now widely available courtesy of cost-effective technology. Many nursing and healthcare companies may find value in appropriate tech… Read more »

Everyone Can Learn from Asia’s Healthcare Innovations

Effective delivery of healthcare resources is incredibly important across the globe. In the United States, for example, changes in Medicare reimbursement have forced health systems to focus more and more on patient “outcomes.” American hospitals and medical groups are therefore very motivated to implement new technology that aids in improving patient health while also reducing… Read more »