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Why “Telemedicine” is the Future of Healthcare

There was a time when the healthcare industry was notoriously slow in adopting new technologies. From EHR (Electronic Health Records) to HIPAA-compliant messaging platforms, it seemed many nurses and medical professionals were reluctant to change. However, those days are over, and now “telemedicine” is very much a part of today’s care delivery model. Consider the… Read more »

Free Career Advice on these YouTube Channels

One of the best features of the Internet is its endless supply of free information. And, when it comes to career advice, YouTube has emerged as one of the best resources. While some so-called “YouTubers” are less than credible, others are highly reputable and worth viewing. If you’re a nurse or healthcare worker looking for… Read more »

Are You Ready for A.I.’s Impact on Healthcare?

“Artificial Intelligence” (A.I.) seemed like science fiction just a few years ago. But, it’s now very much a part of our lives. People interact with various forms of A.I. on a daily basis, ranging from “personal assistants” like Siri and Alexa to website chatbots that serve as customer service representatives.   Many healthcare leaders now… Read more »

Self-Motivation Comes From Setting Personal Goals

It seems that there’s no shortage of motivational messages these days. Friends share Facebook memes and viral videos that remind us to keep positive and shoot for the stars. Although these are great, the truth is that motivated people also rely on more substantive actions in order stay driven.   Healthcare professionals and nurses who… Read more »

Take the Leap and Become a Healthcare Leader

There are many talented healthcare professionals and nurses who possess valuable leadership qualities. However, they are often unaware of their attributes. Sometimes the difference between a manager and their team members is very small and mostly rooted in self-confidence or lack thereof.   Here are 5 Great Signs that you may be ready to take… Read more »