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4 Reasons why Wearable Healthcare Monitoring Devices are Here to Stay

One of 2019’s most notable healthcare trends is wearable technology monitoring devices. For the past few years, wearable fitness technology including Fitbits and Smartwatches have weaved their way into society, and the digital transformation that includes wearable health monitoring devices that capture user health data shows no sign of slowing down. Driven by the increasing… Read more »

How to Stay Focused When You Have Holiday Fever

As a healthcare worker, you’re used to dealing with all types of sicknesses.  But what about that year-end ailment called “holiday fever?”  We all experience holiday fever to some degree – coping with the shopping frenzy, cooking, cleaning, and family gatherings. The holidays can be joyous – but they can also create feelings of stress and sadness. Stress can happen when you try to juggle your professional workload at the hospital, clinic, or healthcare facility with… Read more »

How Will Your Hospital Manage if Nurses Go on Strike?

In September 2019, more than 6,500 nurses across California, Arizona, Florida, and Illinois walked out of hospitals and declared a strike. In recent months, other nursing strikes occurred – or were threatened – around the U.S.   In virtually all cases, nurses were urging hospitals and health care facilities to expand staff. The main crux is that the lack of sufficient staffing forces nurses to work longer hours, putting patients at risk.   Nurse staffing is an… Read more »

3 Great Ways for Nurses to Prepare for a Week of Swing Shift

As a nurse, working a week of swing shifts can be tough on your mind and body.  If your hospital has you scheduled for an extended period of clinical swing shifts, you’re not alone. Most RNs, at some point in their career, will have to work these grueling hours, so it’s essential to focus on taking care of yourself.  Here are three suggestions to… Read more »

Blockchain Technology: Innovation That’s Transforming the Healthcare Industry

Blockchain technology is an essential digital trend in the healthcare industry for 2019. But what exactly is it? And what does this critical advance mean to healthcare professionals?  We all know that technological change is coming to healthcare. And while it may seem daunting to some, according to Goldman Sachs, today’s digital revolution can save the healthcare sector $300 billion – which is nothing to sneeze at (no… Read more »

7 Intangible Skills You Need to Get Hired

Many healthcare workers assume that their experience and credentials are enough to land their “dream” job. While those attributes are certainly necessary for success, it’s a mistake to think that they’re sufficient to guarantee job-search success. Even in today’s hot job market, savvy candidates learn to express desirable “intangible” skills. Here are 7 intangible skills… Read more »

Could Social Media Help You Attract Better Workers?

Most Americans engage on social media platforms in one way or another. Whether it’s posting pictures for friends to see on Instagram or updating the family on Facebook, social media is a big part of modern daily life. But many healthcare companies have yet to use the technology for recruiting and hiring purposes, which is… Read more »

Don’t Feel Challenged At Work? Here’s What to Do

Some people may feel that “being bored at work” is a luxury. After all, folks who engage in strenuous manual labor on a daily basis often that they’re too busy to be bored! But healthcare workers who don’t feel challenged do have a legitimate complaint. It’s perfectly normal for employees to want to feel like… Read more »

2019 Healthcare Trend: Digital Innovation is Changing how Patients Get Treated

With the rapid pace of technological innovation, it seems that digital solutions are affecting every aspect of modern life from music streaming to communication platforms. Well, the healthcare ecosystem has also been influenced by these changes. The good news is that digital advancements in medicine are proving helpful in improving the quality of care and… Read more »

Are You Thinking of a Career as an EVS Tech? Here’s What You Need to Know About Daily Duties and Job Expectations

Working as an EVS tech can be a great career for people seeking job security and physically engaging employment. While some people think working a desk job is ideal, others find the idea boring. The truth is everyone has a unique personality, and folks who enjoy hands-on work may find an EVS tech job ideal!… Read more »