How to Stay Focused When You Have Holiday Fever

As a healthcare worker, you’re used to dealing with all types of sicknesses.  But what about that year-end ailment called “holiday fever?”  We all experience holiday fever to some degree – coping with the shopping frenzy, cooking, cleaning, and family gatherings. The holidays can be joyous – but they can also create feelings of stress and sadness. Stress can happen when you try to juggle your professional workload at the hospital, clinic, or healthcare facility with… Read more »

7 Intangible Skills You Need to Get Hired

Many healthcare workers assume that their experience and credentials are enough to land their “dream” job. While those attributes are certainly necessary for success, it’s a mistake to think that they’re sufficient to guarantee job-search success. Even in today’s hot job market, savvy candidates learn to express desirable “intangible” skills. Here are 7 intangible skills… Read more »

Don’t Feel Challenged At Work? Here’s What to Do

Some people may feel that “being bored at work” is a luxury. After all, folks who engage in strenuous manual labor on a daily basis often that they’re too busy to be bored! But healthcare workers who don’t feel challenged do have a legitimate complaint. It’s perfectly normal for employees to want to feel like… Read more »

Healthcare Professionals Aren’t Always Well-Rested (7 Helpful Tips for Managing Sleep Deprivation at Work)

Most nurses and medical professionals are concerned about their sleep quality given the demands of working in healthcare. Many focus on sleep hygiene and dedicating enough hours every night for sufficient rest. However, even the most diligent professionals sometimes find these efforts aren’t enough to completely prevent sleep deprivation. Here are seven helpful tips to… Read more »

Mindfulness for Nurses and Healthcare Professionals (3 Breathing Exercises to Feel Better at Work!)

“Mindfulness” may seem a curious term for folks who are a bit more traditional. But, science suggests that the benefits are real. The concept basically states that people are overwhelmed by life’s daily stresses, and relaxation techniques can refocus attention for improved health. It’s no secret that nurses and medical workers have particularly high-pressure jobs.… Read more »

Landing Your Dream Healthcare Job Starts With that First Conversation (11 Phone Interview Tips to Get You to the Next Phase)

Many nurses and medical workers are apprehensive about job interviews. They’re concerned about appropriate attire and challenging questions. With all the focus on face-to-face meetings, it’s easy to forget about the significance of the phone call that usually comes first. Here are 11 ways you can stand out in a phone interview and secure an… Read more »