Gaps in Your Resume – How to Answer the Dreaded Interview Questions

Hiring managers don’t like unanswered questions. When they look at your resume, they expect to get an accurate view of your skills and work history. Of course, when there are some employment gaps on your resume, you can expect them to get curious. What were you doing at this time? Do you not take your… Read more »

What Does Your Healthcare Team Want From Its Manager?

Healthcare teams tend to be composed of highly educated, driven professionals. As such, it’s not uncommon for managers to find themselves dealing with some strong personalities – and stronger opinions. Managing healthcare workers, though challenging, is well within your abilities. Here is what healthcare workers expect from their leaders. Excellent communication The healthcare field is… Read more »

Managing a Dispute Between a Staff Member and a Physician

Healthcare is far too complex to be managed by a single person. The successful medical intervention involves the coordinated work of a team of professionals. Getting the members of this team to function cohesively, however, is far from easy. Disputes in a healthcare setting are often complicated by the diversity of experience, authority, and scope… Read more »

4 Ways Joining a Healthcare Professional Organization Will Help Your Career

No matter what your healthcare specialty is, there are many professional organizations out there clamoring for you to join them. Are they worth your time? If so, which ones should you choose? The truth is healthcare professional organizations can provide a tremendous boost to your career. Here are four reasons you should consider joining a… Read more »

Helping Long-Time Employees Manage an EMR Transition

Transitioning to a new electronic medical records (EMR) system is one of the most drastic changes medical facilities can make. Your facility functions smoothly when your employees can rely on their routine to efficiently finish their assignments. Changing EMR systems alters these routines drastically, potentially disrupting your productivity. How can you help your long-time employees… Read more »

3 Reasons a Healthcare Staffing Agency Makes Your Job Search Easier

Thousands of healthcare professionals have already left the traditional job search behind in order to partner with a staffing agency. If you struggle to find promising job opportunities in healthcare, it might be time to make the change. Before you make your decision, here are three of the top ways a healthcare staffing agency can… Read more »