What Are the Best Entry-Level Healthcare Jobs?

As one of the fastest-growing industries, health care is an amazing choice for those looking for a promising career. If you’re on the fence about becoming a healthcare professional, the following entry-level healthcare positions will be a great way to get your feet wet. Even better, they offer many great avenues to for career growth… Read more »

5 Ways to Attract Better Healthcare Job Applicants

Today’s market heavily favors job seekers, and they know it. Since workers in health care know that there is an especially great need for their services, they are even more willing to shop around than others. If you want to attract high-quality healthcare job applicants to your facility, you will need to stand out from… Read more »

The Night Shift – A Healthcare Worker’s Survival Guide

Healthcare work is one of the select few professions that must provide their services around the clock.  As such, working the night shift at some point in your career is all but guaranteed. Even for those who consider themselves to be night owls, maintaining a schedule that is the complete opposite to the rest of… Read more »

5 Signs That an Employee Is Ready for Promotion

Experts agree that promoting from within has significant benefits over bringing in managers from outside the organization. Not only are you giving responsibility to someone who is already familiar with your organization, but you boost morale by showing your employees that they have a chance to expand their career. But how do you choose who… Read more »

Why Are Allied Health Careers So Promising?

Before choosing a new career, it’s important to know that your preferred field has a promising future. Seeking out new jobs is complicated enough, and you don’t want to find yourself fighting for one of the few remaining positions. Fortunately, there’s one industry that has shown consistent growth for years: health care. Is an allied… Read more »

The Top Safety Hazards for Healthcare Workers (and how to Avoid Them)

Though the term “dangerous jobs” might not bring the image of a hospital into your mind, the healthcare industry sees more injuries than any other field. Every year, in fact, nearly 300,000 health care workers will be injured on the job. If you’re interested in protecting yourself and your coworkers from injury, here are the… Read more »

Is Employee Turnover Always a Bad Thing?

Every good manager knows that it’s cheaper to keep an employee than to hire a new one. In obedience to this golden rule of staffing, many managers break their backs trying to get their employee turnover rate down as low as possible. Are these efforts really in your company’s best interests, though? It’s time for… Read more »

How to Conduct an Exit Interview

Bringing on a new employee is a familiar process to most managers. From seeking out candidates to interviewing and training them, there is little mystery left in the hiring process. In contrast, what to do when employees leave is relatively uncharted territory. Despite what you might think, having an employee leave your facility deserves as… Read more »

What RNs Should Know about the Enhanced Nurse Licensure Compact

For nurses, it’s common to maintain current licensure in many states at once. Though this step allows for rapid, smooth transitions from one contract to another, the paperwork is a nightmare. Since each state has different renewal dates, license periods, and continuing education requirements, keeping track of multiple licenses is like a full-time job of… Read more »

The Case for More Frequent Employee Reviews

Every business conducts performance reviews with their employees, but few are getting the most out of the process. Though employees (and even some managers) tend to dread them, the solution is not to perform fewer reviews. Far from it! If you are struggling to perform effective performance evaluations, you should consider doing them more often.… Read more »