5 Ways to Be the Best Healthcare Manager You Can Be

As a healthcare hiring manager, HR professional, or hospital administrator, you’ve likely had to deal with employee turnover. It’s a natural occurrence for a medical professional to move on for more money, generous PTO, or a better title. 

But perhaps the facts say otherwise.  According to Gallup analytics, today’s employees are leaving organizations that they believe in – where they love the pay and perks – and where theyve been productive. The reason?Many people leave because of bad managers. 

The poll of over one million employed U.S. workers concluded that the number one reason people quit their jobs is due to a bad boss or immediate supervisor. In fact, 75% of workers who voluntarily left their jobs did so because of their bosses and not the position itself.  

With the tight labor market for doctors, nurses, and medical staff, it’s vitally important to keep the existing trained staff from moving on. And that means HR professionals, hospital administrators, and healthcare managers need to be the best “boss they can be. 

 Here are five characteristics that strong healthcare administrators and managers should possess: 

  1. Proper Academic Training and Work Experience: Experience as a healthcare manager is a must, but so is knowledge.Therefore, it’s necessary to have a degree from an accredited college or university and display a strong commitment to continuing professional development and education. This is important tostay on top of changes to healthcare policy 
  2. Be a Great Communicator To: be an effective healthcare manager, excellent written and oral communication skills are critical. It’s also vital to communicate one-on-one with your team, so they understand job responsibilities and expectations while listening to your staff and working with them to produce results and achieve goals.  
  3.  Stay Flexible: As a manager, it’s necessary to work well with those around you and fit in with the goals and vision of the company. To fit well in a new setting, having the ability to flex and adapt to changing situations or corporate directions will help make you a management star.
  4. Hone your Organizational Skills: For a healthcare leader; organization is key – if you aren’t organized in your position, there’s a good chance the employees you manage won’t be either. Organizational management skills can be improved through study and practice.  Being organized also means managing your time to be available for your employees and supporting your team. 
  5. Be a Leader they can Count On: The best managers have the required maturity and decision-making capability to make decisions and take full responsibility for both successes and failures. To be an effective healthcare leader, you must have an ethical moral compass that will allow you to make sound and ethical departmental decisions.  

 Summing it Up 

Whether you manage four or forty employees, these examples are characteristics that every successful healthcare manager should possess.  They are skills that will be used every day to positively influence your team and allow you to lead by example.  



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