Don’t Feel Challenged At Work? Here’s What to Do

Some people may feel that “being bored at work” is a luxury. After all, folks who engage in strenuous manual labor on a daily basis often that they’re too busy to be bored! But healthcare workers who don’t feel challenged do have a legitimate complaint. It’s perfectly normal for employees to want to feel like they make a real contribution to the company.

If you don’t feel properly challenged at work, here are ways to change your situation.

Express Your Concerns

People sometimes assume that others know what they’re thinking or feeling. However, workers should always be sure to clearly communicate their concerns to management. Even the best boss in the world can’t make a difference if she’s unaware of her employee’s sentiments.

It’s perfectly appropriate for workers to ask for one-on-one meetings with supervisors. A respectful and honest conversation can make a real difference. Most leaders value great employees as tremendous resources and truly want team members to feel challenged by their work.

Volunteer for More Responsibility

Sometimes actions speak louder than words. Employees who don’t feel challenged by their work should always say something to management (as discussed above). However, they can also make a statement by proactively volunteering for more responsibility.

Managers take notice of workers who go above-and-beyond and take initiative. Taking on more responsibility not only solves the problem of being under-challenged at work, but it may eventually lead to a promotion as well.

Propose New Ideas

Most good leaders appreciate input from team members. Workers who propose new ideas for improved operations attract positive attention from management. This approach may not yield overnight results, but it does position one for future promotion with the opportunity surfaces.

Build New Skills and Focus on Education

Much can be achieved through open dialogue and taking initiative. However, employees who seek new challenges must sometimes focus on building skills or gaining additional education. It’s never too late to stop learning, as they say. And, with today’s online educational opportunities, even busy adults can find time to earn degrees and certifications.

Consider New Opportunities

Sometimes, healthcare workers must face the fact that new opportunities will only come by making a career change. Nobody wants to jump from job-to-job for no reason. However, it’s perfectly acceptable to accept a new role if it offers greater opportunity and the timing is right. Prospective employers actually respect workers who know their value and make strategic career transitions.

Closing Thoughts

People often have more control over their careers than they realize. It’s sometimes easy for healthcare workers to feel powerless, but the truth is that most good leaders want team members to feel engaged and challenged. They don’t begrudge employees who ask for more responsibility and usually find ways to accommodate their wishes. Ultimately, workers will only know what’s possible if they build up the courage to clearly state their desires!

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