Are You Thinking of a Career as an EVS Tech? Here’s What You Need to Know About Daily Duties and Job Expectations

Working as an EVS tech can be a great career for people seeking job security and physically engaging employment. While some people think working a desk job is ideal, others find the idea boring. The truth is everyone has a unique personality, and folks who enjoy hands-on work may find an EVS tech job ideal!

EVS techs keep large office spaces and facilities clean and hygienic. Employers often include hospitals, schools, universities, government buildings and other locations with open spaces. EVS techs are usually in high demand, because environmental cleanliness and hygiene are critical to productive work and customer service.

Curious job seekers should review these typical daily duties and workplace realities when considering an EVS tech career:

Physical and potentially dangerous work

Many people may know this already, but EVS tech work is very physical and can be hazardous. This reality shouldn’t discourage the right candidates, however. The risk isn’t unreasonable and usually relates to potential back injuries, slip-and-fall scenarios and occurrences that go hand-in-hand with physical labor. More concerning dangerous may include exposure to dangerous chemicals, diseases and bacteria. However, those situations are quite rare in most environments.

Regular cleaning is a primary function

EVS techs have a wide range of job duties, but it’s important to remember that regular cleaning is always going to be the primary function. These tasks typically include daily trash removal, mopping of floors, sanitizing of surfaces and cleaning of public restrooms. Periodic duties often involve bigger projects like the cleaning of outside windows and driveways.

Emergencies happen and must take priority

Depending on the work setting, EVS techs may be the first line of defense in cleaning or hygiene emergencies. It’s important to note that these situations often present the most hazardous conditions (as described above) and must be handled with professionalism. EVS techs may find they’re exposed to blood, human waste, pathogens and other hazardous materials when confronting unforeseen events.

Promotion opportunities exist

In addition to providing physically engaging activity, working as an EVS tech also presents a path toward career advancement. Examples of senior-level positions include

“EVS Lead” and “EVS Floor Specialist,” depending on the company size. EVS techs may also transition into related non-EVS roles such as facilities maintenance.


A person’s unique personality and interests will always form their view of an “ideal” job. For some, it may be sitting at a computer writing all day. For others, a perfect career may be more physical. Folks who enjoy working with their hands and walking around should consider becoming an EVS tech. People who follow that path are rewarded with stable careers and steady income!

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