Landing Your Dream Healthcare Job Starts With that First Conversation (11 Phone Interview Tips to Get You to the Next Phase)

Many nurses and medical workers are apprehensive about job interviews. They’re concerned about appropriate attire and challenging questions. With all the focus on face-to-face meetings, it’s easy to forget about the significance of the phone call that usually comes first.

Here are 11 ways you can stand out in a phone interview and secure an envious spot in “Round Two” of hiring!


  • Find a Quiet Spot – Nothing is worse than having important phone calls interrupted by barking dogs or loud music. It’s not always possible to find a perfect location in an urgent situation. But, you should seek out the quietest spot whenever possible.
  • Don’t “MultiTask” – Let’s just be honest about this one — there’s no such thing as “multitasking.” We’re only tricking ourselves into thinking that we’re perfectly engaged when talking on the phone while simultaneously texting.
  • Relax – On one hand, it’s good to be energetic in a healthcare job interview; however, it’s also important to stay relaxed. Everyone is different, but don’t hit the coffee too hard prior to the call if you’re prone to anxiety.
  • Dress Up & Stand Up – Did you know that studies suggest a person’s clothes actually affect their behavior? People who dress up act more professionally. Similarly, standing up exudes a more confident voice.
  • Speak With Confidence – The afore mentioned tips work together to help you find confidence. But, another way to speak confidently is to talk louder than normal and accentuate words.
  • Slow Down – A slower delivery sounds more confident and genuine. It also helps the caller digest what you’re saying, which can be quite technical during a nurse or healthcare interview.
  • Don’t Interrupt – Accidental interruptions are common when talking on the phone, since there are no visual signs to aid in the interaction. Take a moment to pause before answering each question just to play it safe.
  • Know Your Resume – It’s easy to forget the details of your own work history if it’s been a while since your last interview. Be sure to identify “weak spots” or areas of concern that may be addressed and prepare appropriate responses.
  • Research the Company Website – It’s amazing how many job seekers fail to do basic research on a prospective employer despite the benefit of internet resources. There’s no excuse for being ignorant on a medical company’s profile in 2019.
  • Ask Questions – Many nurse candidates view interviews as a one way-street. But savvy healthcare recruiters and managers expect a dialogue. Asking questions shows you’re genuinely interested in the opportunity.
  • Ask for “Next Steps” – This can be hard for some job seekers, but it’s incredibly important. Managers interpret it as a sign you really want the position. Try saying, “I’m really excited about the opportunity. May I ask what the next steps are in my candidacy?”


In the end, remember that phone interviews are not trivial. Most employers don’t schedule a call unless they’re already interested in you. It’s important to stand out during this first phase so you move forward to the next round.

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