Here’s why Healthcare Professionals Should Accept LinkedIn Requests

We all know of someone who abuses social media. Perhaps it’s the brother-in-law who relentlessly solicits business from relatives on Facebook. Or maybe you have a best friend who shares way too many cat memes. Whatever the scenario, it’s clear that some people lack social media etiquette.

However, when it comes to your nursing or healthcare career and LinkedIn, it’s usually best to give people the benefit of the doubt. Here are some good reasons to “accept” most connection requests.

Six Degrees of Separation 

You may have heard the term, “six degrees of separation.” Basically, the theory is that everyone in the entire world is very closely connected via personal networks of friends and family. For example, your colleague at work may have a cousin in London whose wife’s family lives in India.

The internet has only increased this phenomenon, and LinkedIn is particularly effective at making the world a smaller place. In the context of business and your medical career, a “small world” is very advantageous. Perhaps you’re a nurse looking to move to another state but will need to secure a job first. Well, a large LinkedIn network increases the odds that one of your “connections” lives in that very location and may have a lead.

Industry Resources 

Many people view LinkedIn as primarily a job-search resource. However, it’s also great at keeping employed workers current on industry news. The more expansive your LinkedIn network (connections), the more you’ll stay knowledgeable.

Each additional connection is another person who may share articles, healthcare events, changes in medical industry compliance and more. As an educated nurse or healthcare worker, you’re better positioned to provide great care and will also benefit from job tips and advice.

Marketing Potential 

As a medical worker, you likely aren’t focused on sales and marketing. But, even nurses engage in forms of “marketing” from time-to-time. Is your hospital participating in a walk for Alzheimer’s awareness? If so, why not use LinkedIn to spread the message and gain more community involvement? All of us have times when a large professional network helps in promoting events and causes. 

Personal Credibility 

A wise person once said, “Perception is reality.” Although that’s not always true, it’s a good point to remember. As a nurse or healthcare worker, it’s important for you to present yourself as a competent professional. Having a large LinkedIn network provides the appearance of credibility.

First, it shows that you’re actively engaging with others in the healthcare community. Second, it enables you to serve as a resource for others. If you’re able to link one of your connections to another in need of advice or services, you’ll be viewed as an “industry expert.”


Most of us understand that some online “friends” take advantage of their network. This is just a fact of modern life. However, there are many benefits to accepting most LinkedIn “connection” requests. A large network generally serves your professional interests and helps to advance your career.

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