Does Your Temporary Healthcare Employee Show Potential? Consider them for that Permanent Position!

People have a way of falling into habits and viewing others through a narrow lens. We all do it. A classic example is the much-used romantic comedy movie plot in which the protagonist suddenly realizes his or her true love is actually a long-time friend.

When it comes to your healthcare and nursing staff, be careful not to relegate temporary workers to the “friends only” category. The fact is some of them are actually great candidates for permanent positions! Here’s why:

Known Quantity

Hiring new employees is always a gamble. But, moving a high-performing temporary worker into a permanent position is far less risky. Their work ethic, attitude and teamwork skills are already established. Also, he or she is likewise familiar with the company culture and presumably appreciates it. The chances of turnover—either through termination or quitting—are greatly reduced.

Training Costs

While a temporary healthcare worker or nurse may require further training to be brought up to speed as a permanent employee, it’s fair to say that he or she will require less education than somebody starting from scratch. Some training may relate to specific medical skills or duties, but other trainings are more administrative. Employees who previously served as temporary workers will likely be ahead of the curve when it comes to administrative policies.

Employee Loyalty 

A proven temporary worker has already demonstrated a level of loyalty to the employer. On the other hand, a company that offers a temporary employee permanent work is likewise demonstrating loyalty. So, both parties begin the next chapter trusting each other. That’s always good in a working relationship.

Team Building 

Most temporary healthcare workers and nurses become part of the larger team despite their transitional status. That means that other permanent employees have likely established relationships with them and vice versa. Why would a company wish to hire a total “newcomer,” when a proven temporary employee is already loved by the team? In short, promoting temporary workers to permanent status helps build overall morale. 

Administration Costs

There are always costs associated with onboarding new employees. However, temporary workers have likely been screened already. Companies can save time and money by eliminating redundant background checks, employer verification and reference phone calls. If a temporary employee has already been vetted, then the administrative transition to “permanent” status should prove quick and painless.

Ultimately, prudent companies view promising temporary healthcare workers and nurses as permanent employee prospects. There are numerous reasons to prioritize their promotion, and it’s incredibly short-sighted to pigeonhole them as “temps.” Remember that many successful company leaders began their careers as temporary workers.

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