Free Career Advice on these YouTube Channels

One of the best features of the Internet is its endless supply of free information. And, when it comes to career advice, YouTube has emerged as one of the best resources. While some so-called “YouTubers” are less than credible, others are highly reputable and worth viewing.

If you’re a nurse or healthcare worker looking for extra career advice, I highly recommend that you consider the following YouTube channels and personalities: 

Linda Raynier – Linda is a great resource for people of all ages. She comes across as friendly and personable while also maintaining an air of credibility. While she has a website and offers professional services at a cost, she also hosts a great YouTube channel with free videos. Linda’s biography and strong recruiting background certainly suggest that she knows what she’s talking about!

Ashley Stahl – Younger “Millennials” and “Gen-Y” folks may find Ashley’s YouTube channel most helpful. She focuses a lot on career issues affecting recent graduates and those first entering the job market. But don’t mistake her youth for immaturity, as her advice is top-notch. 

Don Georgevich – This YouTuber is on the opposite end of the generation spectrum from our last personality. Don seems to be in that younger Baby Boomer or older Gen-X demographic and boasts a highly popular channel largely focused on job interviewing techniques. Despite his maturity, Don’s tips can help job-seekers of all ages. 

Lewis Howes – Lewis’ YouTube channel is certainly a helpful resource. But, it also may be the most fun of the bunch. He has a huge following of 419,000 subscribers and commands big-name guests. As a matter of fact, he’s even interviewed Kobe Bryant in one of his videos! Although Lewis is primarily a motivational speaker in the traditional sense, his topics often intersect life and the pursuit of professional success.

“Work it Daily” – This final YouTube channel is not one personality but rather a collective of expert presenters. I decided to include it as a resource, because a myriad of relevant work topics are discussed. Conversations range from the “typical” to more specific questions on workplace pregnancy considerations and entrepreneurship.

Most of us like to sneak-a-peek at our social media and news websites throughout the day. Why not use that time to enrich yourself with expert career advice? YouTube even has a phone app to make viewing videos quicker and easier. Regardless of where you stand in your career, everyone can benefit from expert job tips!


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