Self-Motivation Comes From Setting Personal Goals

It seems that there’s no shortage of motivational messages these days. Friends share Facebook memes and viral videos that remind us to keep positive and shoot for the stars. Although these are great, the truth is that motivated people also rely on more substantive actions in order stay driven.


Healthcare professionals and nurses who really want to stay motivated in their lives and careers should consider implementing the following techniques:


Envision Your Future  How can somebody stay motivated if they’re not focused on a dream? The first rule of motivation is that that it requires vision. Perhaps you’re a nurse who wishes to lead a team. If so, then try to imagine that future. Or, if you fantasize about globetrotting as a travel nurse, then picture yourself eating dinner at a Parisian café. Make it real, so that you never forget what you’re working toward!


Set Realistic Goals  Your “vision” or “dream” is the long-term goal. However, successful professionals also set short-term objectives. These so-called “baby steps” help you along the way and keep you motivated. If a healthcare professional only focuses on the dream of becoming a C-suite executive, she may lose momentum along the way. Instead, start off by working to become a supervisor or team-lead. Then continue on your journey toward upper management.


Maintain a Schedule  Human beings have a natural instinct to maintain schedules. Very few people achieve professional or personal success without adhering to daily, weekly and monthly calendars. Life simply has too many distractions. Those who fail to stick to their plan run in circles and make little progress toward achieving goals.


Celebrate Your Achievements  “All work and no play” is never a healthy philosophy. The same holds true for professionals seeking to achieve goals. It’s important for people to reward themselves for meeting objectives in order to stay motivated on their quest toward bigger goals.


Associate with Successful People  The old saying goes, “Birds of a feather flock together.” This is particularly true for healthcare professionals working to achieve personal goals. If you only associate with those who are content with status quo, then your quest for more will seem petty. After all, why would you work extra hard if everyone around you is kicking-back?


In the end, all people must set personal goals in order to stay motivated. While internet memes and viral videos are uplifting, more concrete actions are needed. Healthcare professionals who set personal goals and monitor their progress will maintain the “fire” over the long-run. If you’re a nurse or healthcare professional looking for a new opportunity, you should also consider the help of an industry-leading medical staffing agency, HigherGround!


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