Why Self-Education is Critical for Nurses and Healthcare Professionals in 2019

Great news… It’s 2019, and the job market is hot! Staffing agencies hire nurses and healthcare professionals daily. But with all the opportunity, there’s one catch for those seeking a new career or looking to grow their current one. Although there’s lots of work to be had, the job demands are changing. And, that’s true for all industries. Even if nursing and healthcare professional duties seem similar from year-to-year, there’s still an evolution. It’s therefore important that job seekers and employees continue to develop their skills and not ease into the comfort of stagnation.


Savvy professionals should consider these important realities as we head into the New Year:


Technology – Remember that technology NEVER stops evolving. You know how to send email and surf the web, but are you comfortable using the latest SaaS healthcare solution or EMR platform? As hospitals and health systems face pressure to improve efficiency and the sharing of data, they are requiring their staff to learn related technology. After all, the latest-and-greatest product is worthless if nobody actually uses it.


Stay ahead of the curve by researching popular healthcare SaaS solutions and find online tutorials to familiarize yourself with them. Ask your nursing friends what software and EMR they use at their place of work. Proactively seek assistance from colleagues if you find yourself lagging behind in a newly-implemented technology. Otherwise, if you stay quiet and slowly fall behind, you may find yourself past the point of no return.


Changing Compliance & Policies – While ethical employers don’t—and shouldn’t—discriminate against older workers, more mature folks often find themselves at a disadvantage when it comes to learning new policies. It’s not because they’re incapable of change but rather that long-established patterns of behavior are harder to break. Although technology is one facet of work that continually evolves, compliance and policies also change over time.


For example, the Joint Commission often modifies compliance expectations at skilled nursing facilities. Hand-washing protocols and infection control programs that once sufficed may now be deemed insufficient. Although policy changes can be annoying and sometimes seem excessive, nurses and healthcare workers who keep an open mind and embrace the change will be rewarded. Perhaps your stellar compliance will lead to a promotion!


Continuing Education Benefits YOU – It’s important to remember that “learning to learn,” isn’t just about pleasing your current or prospective employer, but it’s also about making your job easier. Ultimately, you will find that your own job satisfaction and efficiency improves by gaining new skills. Technology, new protocols and changes in operations will save workers time and headaches if executed properly.


Healthcare professionals who do their part to embrace change and educate themselves in 2019 will benefit from more career opportunity and greater job satisfaction. Nurses seeking work in San Diego should also enlist the help of great staffing agency!


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