3 Easy Ways to Improve Your Marketability as a Healthcare Professional

Certain images are conjured up in our minds when we hear the word, “brand.” For some people, it may be a memory of last year’s hilarious Super Bowl commercial. Others think of a common household product used for washing dishes or clothes. But, did you know that medical professionals can have their own personal brand as well? While the importance of personal branding has been recognized by celebrities for decades, the advent of social media platforms means it’s now critical for everyone.


There are many avenues to improve your brand, but the following tools provide easy ways to quickly gain credibility in the minds of those who hire and staff healthcare workers:


  • LinkedIn – Many people under-utilize their LinkedIn profile. Instead of “sitting” on an inactive page, users should learn to leverage it as their own personal website. “Follow” companies that you would like to work for or those that are influential in the community. “Like” healthcare news articles and share them on your feed. “Comment” on posts that relate to your expertise. “Connect” to industry leaders in order to create relationships that may prove beneficial at a future date. “Post” blogs that showcase your knowledge in ways that may attract the attention of employment agencies and hiring managers within the healthcare world.
  • Facebook (Business) – Create a Facebook “Business” page as a compliment to your personal Facebook page. Doing this serves two functions. First, it separates your social life from your professional domain, reducing the risk that someone will negatively judge your work based on intimate data, media sharing, pictures, etc. Second, it allows you to tailor the messaging of your business page to best promote your professional brand. Perhaps you invite fellow healthcare colleagues to follow your business page. Then, you can use the page to promote healthcare-related events, campaigns, and charities, which will help serve the community while also building your brand.
  • Twitter – For all of the negative headlines and horror stories about people getting into trouble over inappropriate Tweets, the truth is that a well-used Twitter account is very helpful in promoting one’s brand. Twitter is great for this purpose, as it encourages constant engagement and sharing of news articles and other valuable information. Healthcare professionals can quickly and easily gain recognition as an industry leader simply by acquiring followers and regularly linking relevant stories and resources. Pro tip…cross-reference your other social media pages via Tweets and vice versa in order to further promote your brand.


A wise person once said that “luck” is the intersection of opportune timing and preparation. Those who maximize their professional presence online greatly increase their odds of getting lucky the next time an industry colleague needs to hire another team member, or an employment agency is looking to staff a project. If you’re a healthcare professional seeking career opportunities, please contact us today.


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