Giving Thanks for Your Employees – How to Show Your Appreciation

It’s that time of year when one question in particular creeps into every conversation: What are you thankful for? If your employees aren’t confident that you feel thankful for their work, you can expect morale to suffer. In fact, studies indicate that feeling appreciated by their employers is the number one factor in employee satisfaction. Clearly, there’s no better time than the present to double down on your efforts to show appreciation to your team. Here’s how to make it work.

Showing appreciation for your employees

1.      Give personalized attention

A simple “Good job” has its place in the workplace, but such generic expressions will fall flat if they dominate your displays of appreciation. Employees value personal attention, and they like to know that you take notice of their individual accomplishments. Make an effort to pay attention to an employee’s work record and find something that deserves special recognition. It may seem like a small gesture, but knowing that you take an interest carries great weight among your team.

2.      Show them their value

It’s not uncommon for employees to feel  their superiors have been successful only by riding on the backs of their team. Sadly, in many businesses, these feelings are justified. If your facility has had a successful year, now is the time to share some of that success with your salaried workers. Remember, a gift that is too small can seem more like an insult than a reward, so be sure  your annual bonuses reflect your employees’ true value.

3.      Make a regular effort

While the official Thanksgiving holiday may come only once a year, your team needs to feel your appreciation all year round. Don’t wait for special occasions to show your workers how much you value them. Instead, take advantage of every opportunity to show your thanks.

4.      Offer flexible scheduling

Of course, the holiday season is unique in one outstanding way: You can expect most of your staff to be requesting time off during these weeks. If you make an effort to be understanding of these requests, you can keep morale high during the difficult winter season. For example, flexible scheduling, alternative work hours, and half shifts on holidays can help you keep productivity high while respecting your employees’ requests.

Meeting staffing needs during the holiday season can be a struggle, but it doesn’t need to be this year. At HireCare, we specialize in providing comprehensive staffing strategies for healthcare facilities like yours. To learn more about seasonal, temporary, and full-time job seekers in your area, contact us today.


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