Essential Skills for Health Care Administrators

As national health care expenditures surpass $3.5 trillion for the first time, health care administrators are increasingly accountable for their performance. If you’re eager to prove your worth in the industry, you’ll need to demonstrate how you stand apart from your peers. Here are the essential skills hospital administrators should develop in 2019.

Key skills for healthcare administrators:

Industry knowledge

The rapid growth in health care is fueled by unprecedented advances in medicine and technology. While changes in industry-wide best practice used to develop over years, modern administrators must be poised to adapt seemingly overnight. Regular research will keep you informed of industry trends, and this knowledge will serve you well as you direct your facility or department.

Strong leadership

As a rule, healthcare workers are well-educated and confident, and it takes a strong hand to guide them. Your leadership skills – your ability to connect with and direct a diverse team – must be finely sharpened if you’re going to succeed and thrive.

Open communication

Health care is a collaborative endeavor, quality patient care depends on strong communication at every level of your facility.  The higher up you are in your organization, the more vital your communication skills become. In order to direct a team, you need to be able to communicate and connect effectively with every member and pay attention to their input. Remember not to isolate yourself from your team – their feedback is what will drive your success.

Critical thinking

In health care, there is rarely a right or wrong answer to a problem. Rather, complex situations require you craft unique solutions to problems that you have never faced before. Your critical thinking skills will allow you to evaluate each situation based on its unique characteristics and come to an efficient solution.


An evolving industry demands flexible minds to guide it. Though you might have years of experience in healthcare administration, you will always meet new challenges that will require adaptation on your part. Train yourself to be flexible, and you will be ready to lead your team no matter what.

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