Retaining Healthcare Workers

Though all industries struggle to find and retain quality employees, health care, in particular, is plagued with high turnover. In fact, healthcare facilities report turnover rates that are 30% higher than other industries. Retaining healthcare workers is one of the urgent challenges that medical facilities face, and one of the most difficult to solve. Fortunately, these simple tips will help you face your staffing issues.

How to retain healthcare workers:

Conduct more frequent reviews

Though many employees are initially uncomfortable with the review process, increasing the frequency of your reviews is an excellent way to prevent turnover. Frequent reviews allow you to keep your finger on the pulse of your organization. Remind your employees that the review process is not primarily to evaluate their performance, but to give them a chance to express their concerns. As they become more comfortable with the process, your staff will keep you informed of their problems in a timely manner, allowing you to deal with problems before they cause someone to move on.

Rethink your culture

It goes without saying that a salary boost is a compelling way to convince someone to stay with your facility. Regardless, salary is often not the deciding factor in an employee’s decision. People might choose a job because of the compensation, but they stay because the work makes them happy. Are your employees satisfied with your company culture? A welcoming, warm environment will often make the difference between retaining an employee and reading their resignation.

Offer more feedback

It might seem counterintuitive, but many employees thrive on constructive criticism. Providing feedback and showing your staff a path to improve demonstrates trust in their abilities and proves that you are paying attention to their work. When done in a non-confrontation manner, professional criticism shows your employees that you care about them and that they are valued members of the team.

Provide opportunities for career growth

Few people are likely to stay in a job that feels like a dead end. If you want to hold onto your best employees, you’ll need to show them that their future with you is bright and promising. Be sure to sit down with each staff member, especially your star performers, and talk to them about their career goals. By showing interest in their career growth, you can remind your employees that they can have a bright future with your facility.

Improve their work environment

Healthcare workers are regularly overworked and overstressed. A few small changes, however, can dramatically improve their work environment and increase employee retention. One of the most significant ways to improve a healthcare employee’s work environment is through better staffing ratios. When employees start every day knowing that they will have the support of a strong team, they will feel more loyal to your facility.

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