4 Questions to Ask during Healthcare Interviews

Great healthcare workers are defined by their professionalism, skills, and character. When interviewing potential healthcare candidates, you’ve got only a few minutes to evaluate all of these qualities. How can you take advantage of the time that is given to you as efficiently as possible? These simple healthcare interview questions will help you make a great hire every time.
The most important questions for healthcare interviews

1. Why do you want this job?

Though simple and direct, this question reveals much about a candidate’s attitude toward their career. Granted, not every position in healthcare facilities demands a strong, career-based mindset. Regardless, the depth of interest that an applicant has in the field predicts their success – or their potential failure. Your ideal candidate will be able to express clear goals that they wish to accomplish after being hired.

2. How do you handle stressful situations?

Medical facilities are fast-paced and hectic; they’re not for everybody. In fact, even experienced healthcare candidates may not be able to handle the stress when moving from a small facility to a more acute setting. It’s vital, therefore, to get a grasp on the candidate’s stress-management skills (or lack thereof). Rather than accepting your candidate’s judgement on the above question, follow up by asking them to describe an extremely stressful event that they handled well.

3. Why should we hire you?

You could burn hours trying to understand what sets each candidate apart from the next, but it’s best to allow them to lay it out on the table. A certain amount of assertiveness is a bare-minimum requirement for most jobs in health care, and a qualified candidate will not struggle to list their strengths. After all, if their best qualities are still not up to your standards, you want to know as soon as possible.

4. What are your salary requirements?

Though both candidates and hiring managers often prefer to dance around the issue of compensation, it’s a crucial part of the negotiation and must be addressed directly. The candidate’s response reveals much, both about their experience and their expectations. An experienced candidate will have high expectations, but they will also have a strong enough grasp on their field – and their professional worth – that they are unlikely to make unrealistic demands.

At both ends of the spectrum, extreme demands are the domain of the inexperienced. While it may be a relief to hear a lowball offer, remember that you get what you pay for, and hiring under-qualified healthcare workers will likely come back to haunt you later on. Before you ever start your search, settle on a projected salary range and give priority to candidates that land within it.

Of course, it takes more than four questions to find the perfect candidate. From sourcing great talent to matching the right candidate to each position, an expert hand is required if the process is to run well. At HireCare, we offer tailor-made recruiting services to facilities in Southern California and throughout the Pacific coast. To learn more about our comprehensive healthcare staffing solutions, contact us today


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