Tips for Finding (and Hiring) Great Nursing Talent

With the nursing shortage showing no sign of resolution, healthcare facilities will have to think outside the box if they want to attract the best RNs to their team. Are you struggling to find and hire talented nurses? These tips will help set you apart from the competition and become the employer of choice for job-seeking RNs.

How to find talented nurses for your facility

Define your search

Even amidst a nursing shortage, it does your facility no good to lower your standards. Therefore, your first step when seeking new nurses should be to define precisely what your needs are. Key factors might include:

  • Education (RN vs BSN, for example)
  • Specialty
  • Experience
  • Certifications

Incentivize your staff to participate in recruiting

Your current staff members no doubt have their own extensive network of professional contacts, and this resource can be leveraged to help improve your hiring process. In addition, a benefit of getting referrals through your team (instead of outside sources) is that of familiarity. If your current nurses are willing to recommend a hire to you, it likely means that this candidate will be a good fit with your company culture. Offering referral bonuses is, therefore, one of the simplest methods of improving your team.

Reach out on social media

The average American spends about 2 hours per day using some form of social media or messaging service. Among the millions of people connecting with their peers online are many potential candidates for your facility. Your facility’s social media presence should not be limited to hiring periods, however. In order to have people’s attention when you need it, you must maintain an active presence and regularly connect with your online professional community. When it’s time to publicize a job opening, you’ll already have everyone’s eye on you.

Participate in community career days

Despite the growth of online communities, face to face interaction remains the primary thread that keeps people connected. By spearheading career days in your area, you help present your facility in a positive light and remain relevant as an employer to your community.

Enlist an RN staffing agency

Just as a younger generation of nurses increasingly relies on social media and online resources to conduct their job searches, hiring managers must be prepared to use similar methods. An RN staffing agency can take advantage of specialized resources and unique connections to drive a successful talent search. Recruitment agencies are generally already in contact with the most talented nurses in any given area, as the best hires know that recruiters give them access to better jobs.

If you’re eager to streamline your hiring strategies, HireCare can help. Our dedicated recruiters can help you connect with the best nurses in your area when you most need them. To learn more about our innovative staffing strategies, contact us today.


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