Pro Tips for Writing a Great Medical Assistant Resume

There’s never been a better time to look for a job as a medical assistant (MA). Not only is it a well-paying job with low entry requirements, but there is a growing need in the field. In fact, the Bureau of Labor Statistics projects the need for medical assistants to grow by nearly 30% in coming years. Even so, the best jobs will go only to the most promising candidates. How can you be sure your name will come out on top? These resume writing tips will help you land your next job.

What makes a medical assistant resume stand out?

Employers typically look at dozens of resumes for every position that they have open. If you don’t want yours to be passed over in a blur, you need to convince the hiring manager that you’re not just a good candidate, but that you are the perfect candidate. This means adapting your resume for each position you apply for. Though this requires extra work on your part, it dramatically increases the chances of you getting a call.

How do you know what to change on your resume? The job posting itself should tell you. Carefully review the advertisement while taking note of significant keywords. The same terms that the employer uses to describe their ideal candidate should take center stage on your resume. For example, these are some key qualities that employers seek for such positions:

Communication skills

Since MAs work alongside highly skilled professionals in a hectic environment, you must be a good listener and a clear communicator in order to succeed.

Attention to detail

Medical assistants spend a significant amount of their day updating patient charts and performing other clerical duties. As such, it’s vital not to miss a single detail.

Knowledge of medical terminology

You won’t make it far in this career without a firm grasp on medical terminology. If you want to be considered as a candidate, make sure to highlight any experience or training you have in medical and health care fields.

Right now, there are exciting career opportunities waiting for medical assistants of all experience levels. Whether you are just getting into the field or are a seasoned professional, we can help you find an amazing position that fits your unique demands. To learn more about health care jobs in your area, contact us today.


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