The Top 5 Footwear Brands for Nurses

Few professionals spend as much time on their feet as a busy nurse. From plantar fasciitis to varicose veins and beyond, the impact of such a lifestyle can be significant. If you plan to make a long-term career out of nursing, you’ll need to start making smart footwear choices. What are the best brands and models for nurses? We’ve searched far and wide, and these are the shoes that come out ahead.

What is the best shoe for nurses?


Crocs practically invented the comfy clog game. As such, it’s no surprise that you see a pair riding beneath almost every other set of scrubs in the hospital. Though there was a time when Crocs’ lineup looked about as appealing as the animal they took their name from, there are now enough options available to fit any personality.

Top pick: To get you started, check out the Neria Pro II. This cozy clog will keep your feet from screaming at you by the end of the day.


Skechers has been in the business long enough to have an option for any style or taste you can imagine. Even better, they’ve got a great track record for craftsmanship and quality control. If you want a comfortable shoe that won’t give out on you in just a few months, this is a fantastic choice for you.

Top pick: For innovative features like breathable mesh uppers and memory foam insoles, try out the Loving Life sneaker. The unique design will keep your toes feeling cool (while the retro vibe does the same for you).


If the styles that Crocs offers still aren’t enough for you, another great player in the clog game is Alegria. A wide range of models – all of them built around comfort – are certain to meet your needs.

Top pick: The Keli Professional is a great example of Alegria’s unique style and feel. As one of their moderately priced offerings, you can expect fantastic results from this quirky clog.


Between cleaning chemicals, leaked IVs, and other unmentionable fluids, you won’t go far in a hospital without meeting a wet floor. Since Sperry’s entire lineup has been built with a marine environment in mind, the company knows better than anyone how to design a comfortable, non-slip sole.

Top pick: Try on Sperry’s Seven Seas line for men and women and you’ll be ready for a voyage around the world – or at least a few dozen laps around your department.


Did you think they just made scrubs? As a long-time provider of uniforms for professionals in all fields, Cherokee has unique expertise in crafting durable, comfortable clothes for hard workers like you. Unsurprisingly, their shoe line is no letdown.

Top pick: For a slip on the bucks the clog trend, try on the Infinity Rush line. Non-slip soles and canvas uppers with unique designs made this a great choice for nurses in all specialties.

Do you dream of being as comfortable in your job as you are in your shoes? At HireCare, we’re dedicated to helping nurses and other healthcare professionals find positions that fit their unique demands. To start your journey to a more satisfying career path, contact our representatives today.



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