How to Attract Top CNA Talent during a Labor Shortage

Certified nursing assistants (CNAs) are a critical part of your healthcare team. In market that heavily favors job seekers, however, facilities across the nation are struggling to attract the most talented job seekers. The current labor shortage means that applicants are free to shop around and find a facility that is willing to bend to their needs. If you don’t make changes, you nursing team may become wildly understaffed and overworked. How can you make sure that your facility is a top choice for job seekers?

Attracting better CNA candidates despite the labor shortage

Since your CNA staff likely takes up just a small percentage of your team’s total budget and size, it might be easy to overlook their impact. Regardless, the quality of your nursing assistants directly affects your bottom line and your overall success.

While doctors spend just a few minutes per day with each patient, your RNs spend much more time face to face with each client. Meanwhile, your CNA staff spends almost the entire day in patient rooms, helping them with problems and answering questions. Therefore, when patients measure the quality of care that they received, one of the biggest factors they consider is the care provided by the nurse’s aides. If you’re looking to provide better patient care, higher success rates, and raise your HCAHPS score (which determines your funding), you need to hire better certified nursing assistants. Here’s how to do it:

Improve your patient ratios

Staffing ratios are one of the biggest factors in job satisfaction for nursing assistants. Demanding that they take on unreasonable patient loads is a sure-fire way to stress out your current staff and turn away talented applicants. Though appropriate staffing ratios vary depending on specialty, your facility needs to have lower patient ratios if you intend to attract better candidates.

Elevate your CNAs

As we’ve mentioned, nurse’s aides sometimes are viewed as low-level employees despite having a large impact on patient care. That needs to change. Well-trained and experienced nurse’s aides can add valuable insight that can transform your hospital for the better. If you are known for treating nursing assistants with respect, they will choose your facility over your competitors’.

Pay a fair wage

It should be clear now that an amazing CNA staff offers the best “bang-for-your-buck” of almost any medical specialty. For a fraction of what it costs to hire the best doctors or nurses at a premium wage, you can bring in more experienced, hard-working, and dedicated CNAs – and offer them a raise in the process.

Go where the talent is

The labor shortage may mean that there aren’t as many job applicants as you would like there to be, but the staff that you need is still out there. Healthcare staffing agencies have already vetted each potential applicant to ensure their training, work history, and character will be a good match for your facility. As such, you can use a staffing company to take a shortcut straight to the most talented candidates.

At HireCare, we take pride in forming partnerships between talented healthcare workers and the facilities that need their skills. Our expert recruiters are eager to develop a staffing strategy that meets your unique demands. To learn more about our comprehensive staffing solutions, contact us today.


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