What Do Medical Recruiters Look for in Candidates?

Medical fields are among the fastest growing professions in the nation, and there is no shortage of promising positions available to job seekers. If you are pursuing a career in healthcare, you couldn’t have made a better decision. Regardless, if you want to be considered for the best jobs, you’ll need to do something to stand out.

What matters most to medical recruiters?

Medical recruiters look at a variety of factors when evaluating candidates – if you can get in their heads, you’ll be ready to impress at every interview. These are some of the major factors that could make or break your chances of landing a job offer.

A wide variety of skills

Regardless of your specialty – nursing, physical therapy, medical records, etc. – healthcare recruiters want to see that you’ll have a broad range of skills. Even when hiring with specific needs in mind, recruiters prefer to work with candidates who won’t be pigeon-holed or otherwise limited by their abilities. Expanding your skill set proves that you will be useful beyond the limits of your job description, making it more likely that you’ll be picked for a lucrative position.

Continuing education

Seeking extra education beyond your initial training proves that you are curious and driven to expand your abilities. By earning special certifications, for example, you demonstrate that you didn’t choose a career in healthcare simply for a reliable paycheck – you chose health care because you are passionate about the field.

A solid reputation

Recruiters generally don’t check references until late in the hiring process; but, when they do, you don’t want them to hear anything negative. As such, it’s vital that you maintain a professional attitude at work at all times, even when you expect you’ll be moving on soon. In addition, remember that your social media profiles will be fair game, and anything you post online should be considered public domain. The solution is simple: think before you post. And if you don’t like how your online presence reflects on your professional character, delete it.

Strong ethics

Professional conduct and ethical patient care are the foundation of modern medicine. As such, you can expect your ethical standards to be under close scrutiny throughout the hiring process – and your whole career, in fact. Be prepared to answer ethical questions during your interviews, as employers are staking their reputations on your decisions.

If you feel prepared to enter the job market, there’s only one thing left to do: dive in! At HireCare, we specialize in guiding healthcare professionals in their career choices and are eager to help you find a position that meets your demands. To learn more about part-time, temporary, and full-time job options that are waiting for you, contact us today.


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