Medical Careers You Can Start with an Associate’s Degree

Most job seekers are already aware that health care is a promising field with many exciting career options. What many don’t realize is that the entry requirements for many medical careers are much more accessible than you might expect. You don’t have to spend the better part of a decade in college to get a great healthcare job. In fact, the following jobs could be yours with just an associate’s degree.

The best healthcare professions that only require an associate’s degree

Dental hygienist

With a job market that is expected to grow by 20% within the next decade, dental hygienists will never struggle to find work. After attaining an associate’s degree and a license in your state, you can expect excellent job security throughout your career.

Respiratory therapist

Most medical professionals will quickly learn to prioritize their ABCs: airway, breathing, and circulation. At any given facility, who are the reigning experts in maintaining the first two? Respiratory therapists. As a respiratory therapist, you will provide vital treatments to patients of all ages and become adept at managing life-threatening emergencies.

Radiologic technician

Radiologic technicians (rad techs, to their workmates) become proficient in operating the delicate and complex machinery that is the foundation of modern medicine. Without X-rays and other forms of radiographic imaging, diagnostic medicine would often be crippled, and doctors would be unable to accurately diagnose and treat their patients. As such, radiologic technologists play a vital role in the healthcare process.

Registered nurse

Though many people assume that registered nurses must receive at least a bachelor’s degree, you can become fully licensed to practice as an RN with a 2-year degree. In fact, almost all nursing jobs can be successfully performed by a nurse with an associate’s degree. Though some roles, such as management positions, are more likely to go those with further education, a 2-year degree is an excellent start to a nursing career, and you may find that this is the optimal level of training for your career goals.

No matter your education level, there are exciting career opportunities waiting for you in health care. In fact, HireCare specializes in matching dedicated, driven healthcare workers to amazing positions that meet their needs and abilities. To learn more about starting a career in healthcare, contact one of our recruiters today.


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