What Are the Best Entry-Level Healthcare Jobs?

As one of the fastest-growing industries, health care is an amazing choice for those looking for a promising career. If you’re on the fence about becoming a healthcare professional, the following entry-level healthcare positions will be a great way to get your feet wet. Even better, they offer many great avenues to for career growth if you decide that the medical field is for you.

Promising Entry-Level Healthcare Jobs:

Medical Assistant

As a medical assistant (MA), you will work closely alongside doctors and nurses. By observing other healthcare professionals and assisting with their paperwork and administrative duties, you’ll quickly gain a deep understanding of the medical field and what it takes to succeed. On the job training, excellent pay, and high demand mean your career as an MA will be promising.

Patient Care Representative

Like MAs, patient care representatives get a front-row view of what health care is like. As a representative and advocate for your facility’s patients, you will gain a complete knowledge of medical terminology and treatments while also getting a behind-the-scenes view of administration and payments. A normal day will find you collecting patient information, processing payments, updating medical records, and scheduling appointments.

Certified Nurse Assistant

Though CNAs need more training than the earlier entries on this list, they get to provide direct patient care to a wide variety of clients. As the name implies, certified nurse assistants work under the supervision of registered nurses, but they also have a great deal of independence and are indispensable members of the nursing team.

Home Health Aide

For those who are ready for even more independence, becoming a home health aide could be a wise choice. Depending on the needs of your clients, you may find yourself performing light chores around the house, such as cooking and cleaning, or even helping with more complex medical needs. Since there is a huge need for all types of in-home care, home health aides can find work regardless of their experience level, making it an excellent entry-level healthcare job.

The Next Step

If you already have some training in a medical field – or are willing to obtain a certification – you may be ready to go beyond an entry-level healthcare job. With just a few months to a year of training, many promising healthcare careers will be available to you.

If you choose a career in healthcare, you are guaranteeing yourself a bright future; at HireCare, we’d like to help you make the first step that will get you there. Our staffing specialists have the expertise that you need to land your first job in health care. To learn more about our comprehensive staffing services for healthcare professionals, contact us today.


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