Everyone Can Learn from Asia’s Healthcare Innovations

Effective delivery of healthcare resources is incredibly important across the globe. In the United States, for example, changes in Medicare reimbursement have forced health systems to focus more and more on patient “outcomes.” American hospitals and medical groups are therefore very motivated to implement new technology that aids in improving patient health while also reducing… Read more »

3 Easy Ways to Improve Your Marketability as a Healthcare Professional

Certain images are conjured up in our minds when we hear the word, “brand.” For some people, it may be a memory of last year’s hilarious Super Bowl commercial. Others think of a common household product used for washing dishes or clothes. But, did you know that medical professionals can have their own personal brand… Read more »

Healthy Eating Matters for Healthcare Workers

3 Ways Nurses and Caregivers Can Look After Their Own Diet for Improved Mental Wellness   People tasked with caring for the health needs of others often find themselves in an interesting but hazardous predicament. On one hand, they are very concerned about improving patients’ lives. But, on the other hand, they often neglect their… Read more »

Giving Thanks for Your Employees – How to Show Your Appreciation

It’s that time of year when one question in particular creeps into every conversation: What are you thankful for? If your employees aren’t confident that you feel thankful for their work, you can expect morale to suffer. In fact, studies indicate that feeling appreciated by their employers is the number one factor in employee satisfaction.… Read more »

5 Healthcare Podcasts You Should be Listening To

No matter where you are at in your healthcare career, moving forward means staying connected with trends and advancements in your specialty. If you don’t have much free time for extra study and continuing education, the podcast is your best friend. With these five healthcare podcasts on your playlist, you’ll be able to catch up… Read more »

Dealing with Bad Co-workers

In a perfect world, you’d like everyone you work with. Unfortunately, you may encounter people in the workplace who are hard to deal with. They may be loud, rude, bossy, pushy or just plain offensive. Whatever the situation, difficult coworkers can add undue stress to your day. After you attempt to deal with it for… Read more »

4 Questions to Ask during Healthcare Interviews

Great healthcare workers are defined by their professionalism, skills, and character. When interviewing potential healthcare candidates, you’ve got only a few minutes to evaluate all of these qualities. How can you take advantage of the time that is given to you as efficiently as possible? These simple healthcare interview questions will help you make a… Read more »

Tips for Finding (and Hiring) Great Nursing Talent

With the nursing shortage showing no sign of resolution, healthcare facilities will have to think outside the box if they want to attract the best RNs to their team. Are you struggling to find and hire talented nurses? These tips will help set you apart from the competition and become the employer of choice for… Read more »

Pro Tips for Writing a Great Medical Assistant Resume

There’s never been a better time to look for a job as a medical assistant (MA). Not only is it a well-paying job with low entry requirements, but there is a growing need in the field. In fact, the Bureau of Labor Statistics projects the need for medical assistants to grow by nearly 30% in… Read more »

Should You Become a Medical Assistant?

Are interested in a promising career with flexible options? Would you prefer a field with low entry requirements that gives you endless chances for career growth? If those characteristics sound appealing to you, you should look into a career as a medical assistant (MA). Here’s a brief overview of what medical assistants do and how… Read more »