How AI Is Helping Underserved Areas Receive Better Healthcare

With rapid advances in technology, yesterday’s sci-fi dreams are becoming today’s reality. In no industry are these advances needed more desperately than in health care. Despite university’s and technical schools churning out graduates as quickly as possible, the World Health Organization estimates that the healthcare workforce will soon reach a shortage of nearly 13 million… Read more »

Dealing with Bad Co-workers

In a perfect world, you’d like everyone you work with. Unfortunately, you may encounter people in the workplace who are hard to deal with. They may be loud, rude, bossy, pushy or just plain offensive. Whatever the situation, difficult coworkers can add undue stress to your day. After you attempt to deal with it for… Read more »

Acing the 3 Toughest Healthcare Interview Questions

Few industries are evolving as rapidly as health care, but one thing has remained unchanged for decades: if you want to land a great job, you’ve got to ace the interview. You’ve got one chance to show your next manager how you stand out from the competition, and your answers to these tough interview questions… Read more »

The Pharmacy Technician’s Role in Medication Therapy Management

Over 70 percent of adults in America take a prescription medication every day. With so many people’s health depending on their prescriptions, it’s no wonder that medication therapy management (MTM) is so critical. Broadly speaking, MTM refers to any healthcare services provided through a pharmacist, including adjusting dosages, scheduling medications, and monitoring side effects. One… Read more »