Are You Considering a Career in Occupational Therapy?

With so many promising job opportunities in health care, it’s easy to feel staggered by your options. Fortunately, there is a medical setting that fits every job seeker’s needs and demands – you just have to find the one that works for you. Today, we’ll look into occupational therapy (OT) to see if it might be the right match for your needs.

What do occupational therapists do?

Both occupational therapist and physical therapist (PT) fill similar roles. In fact, since many patients see both an occupational and a physical therapist, it’s easy for outsiders to get the two jobs confused. If you choose either one of these careers, you may even see physicians write an order for “PT and OT” together. The professions, however, are not interchangeable.

The simplest way to understand the difference is to think of scale. While PT specialists deal with general, large-scale mobility, the OT department assists patients to regain the strength and fine motor control needed to perform everyday activities such as writing and brushing their teeth. Though there is significant overlap in the training that is required, both specialties present unique challenges and rewards.

Occupational therapy – How to get your career started

Occupational therapists must be intimately familiar with human anatomy and the diverse illnesses and injuries that can impair one’s ability. The profession goes far beyond treating physical symptoms, however. Effective therapy takes a holistic approach, acknowledging the emotional and psychological aspects of human illness. As such, your training will need to include in-depth studies of human anatomy, physiology, and psychology. After obtaining a master’s degree in occupational therapy, you will be eligible for a license to practice in any state in America.

Job prospects for occupational therapists

The job prospects in this field are very compelling for future job seekers. Not only is the field expected to grow dramatically in coming years, but occupational therapists receive competitive wages no matter where they practice. On average, therapists earn over $81,000 per year. As such, you can feel confident that your decision to enter this field will be well rewarded.

How to get your next job

Occupational therapists are in high demand at medical facilities of all sizes across the country. At HireCare, we specialize in helping talented health care providers such as yourself find an opening that meets your exact demands. To learn more about medical and allied health careers that are waiting for you, contact a recruiter today.


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